Search Bar and form searches in another language

Hello Everyone
does anyone know how do a search in another language?
Do I update the form fields options to somehow ?


if you want to search anything,then you first set respective “Language”
for that you have to go…

  1. “Setup” module
  2. go to “Setting” menu
  3. there is “System Setting” doc type. Open that doc type
  4. set Respective language .and save form
    5.Log out from application and login again

And one more thing,
when you go to Respective ‘user’ and open that user from user list.
then there is field available as “Language” to set whatever you want.
and save from.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Awesome thank you
We will try it out

@rydersaint are there any specific problems you are facing?

Hello rmehta

Yes we cannot search in Japanese

Specific example?

An example would be name of items.

Within items searching on the actual name in kanji does not return any results.

Would I need to change the field type to full text field some how for the search ?

Kind regards

Hi @rydersaint ,

On “Item List” Page, I confirmed that I can searching with Japanese word, and it was added as filter. ( It is as same as a Customer name on “Customer List” )

I did not see any Item names in pull-down list on search field when I input a Japanese word in it, but I also could not see when I input an Item name with ASCII.

If I input “顧客”( = Customer ) in Search field, pull-down list shows like this:

  • 顧客リスト // = Customer List
  • 顧客グループリスト // = Customer Group List

I am understanding this function is like shortcut-key, but it is not cross-searching for whole data.
… Is this right or I am misunderstanding?