Search bar behavior different after update, using ID only, not all fields?

Prior to update, I could use the search bar (CTRL-G) to find a Project by typing in a part of its name.

After latest release, when I enter a wildcard search, it finds no results:

Example – I have Projects with the word %modern% in them:

If I type nto the search box, and it would then find my Projects with modern in their Name. Now, it finds nothing:

The search bar is rendered useless since it’s not working anymore.

Instead, all I can do is type in the available ID box for a more traditional experience:

Or create a custom filter that accomplishes what the search bar used to do:

Intended behavior?

To be able to search in global search the field should be enabled for global search.
Please go to Customise form >> Prioject >>Select the field which you want to be searchable in global search >>Check " In global search".

Hope this helps.