Search bar - how does it find stuff?

would be awesome whether it found everything (which on first sight seems to be so). But I noted that entries you find (address or contact of customer [searchterm]). Do not appear at a later point int time any longer, … Can it be that only goes through some fixed items (“Customer List”, “New Supplier”, …) which always are being searched through plus a cahse of the most recent items (like contact of a specific customer) …?

is there a way to change this behavior? Or would it become very slow once always evreything would be searched? Or do you have to teach the system to take an index first (like sudo update db on a linux machine).

One thing I have noted is that it finds more stuff if you don’t use capitals (even if the thing you look for actually is written with capitals, i.e. search term ‘jim’ finds ‘Jim’ while search term “Jim” doesn’t)

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Can you give some example with screenshot. If you use correct syntax in awesome search bar, it gives pretty relevant results. For searching within list, I would suggest using filters on that list.

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@KanchanChauhan here you go …

search term micky … (finds newly added entries Micky Mouse)

search term Micky … (does not find newly added entries Micky Mouse)

search term micky (after other items have been added) … (does not find Micky Mouse anymore)


As I suggested before it is better to search on that doctype instead of doing universal search.

Hi @vrms if you want to search a customer named Micky Mouse from the homepage(universal search) then you can search as Micky Mouse in Customer

understood. It would be awesome though whether you could find anything as per the picture 1 I had posted

thanks @ravindra_l that’s something I’ll probably use

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