Search by Customer number filter on sales invoice

Currently you can only search the sales invoices by customer name.
Can i make it so that i can search sales invoice by customer number?

like in POS you can search customer by number,and sales invoice by customer name.
so Number->customer->sales invoice.

so, how can i have a search field in sales invoice to search by number?


Search Fields may be what you are after -

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Hi @clarkej , thanks for the reply,
There is no direct link between sales invoice and phone and customer and phone , i.e there is no field like phone number field in sales/customer doctypes.
but there is one in Contact_person and in sales invoice i found that there is search by contact person (i had completely missed that).
so you can search contact person by phone after i set it in contact doctype and get the invoices from contact person.

In the end i got what i was looking for.