Search Description Need to be longer

Hi, i wonder how i can make description in search box and in link search box to be longer… because we need the description to be more specified

also the qty displayed need to be more than the defaults


Try adding the field name under Search Fields in the doctype.

Im not sure what you mean by qty displayed need to be more than the defaults. Can you please elaborate ?

@neilLasrado for example if we type leather (in my database it was 12k item with words leather)… even i tried to be spesific leather black… its still thousand of it… i want it to be displayed at least 200 item in one search…

second for each item there is detail spesification in the description that we like to read it… but now its cant be read because of ellipsis … i want to show it all even it is very" long description… can it be done ?

did you get what i mean?