Search Fields should contain valid fieldnames

Dear All
I’m trying to add new field to customer group form and its give me error
Search Fields should contain valid fieldnames

using Erpnext 4 on Ubuntu server 14.04
can someone help

Check the fieldnames in “Search Fields” - could be wrongly set in Customer Group.

Thanks for reply

i can’t find customer group form in Customize Form page

How have you deployed your system?

You might have to update the DocType. This isn’t an issue in the system.

how to do that update doctypei deployed the system like the step in git

Login via Administrator and go to:

desk/#Form/DocType/Customer Group

i did as you say but still give an erorr
Search Fields should contain valid fieldnames
Did not save
I waint to add field to chose item from cotumer group

thanks a lot rmehta I managed to add the items table in customer group form it was letter case in doctype name
no i can add intended item to customer group
how can i make the system to auto fill item name and description when i chose item code
like he do in sales order form

Can’t understand your question. Also please start a new question in a new topic