Search for a percent sign (%) inside a filter

We do have lots of Items in ERPNext with the percent sign in the Item name. We would like to filter/search for example for all Items with ‘1%’ in its Item name. How can we do this? We can’t find search syntax documentation.


Try escaping the % by adding a backslash ?
eg: 1\% ?

That doesn’t work… See the screenshot below.


Yes % seems to be a special character - based on this list ‘^.[=;,'"$-+%#@()].*’ in this code frappe/ at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

To precede the special character with a '' backslash escapes the character from its meta regular expression search function.

In the Awesome global search, a search on simply ‘%’ responds with a Search Help dialog.

However a search on ‘\%’ responds with ‘No results found for ‘%’ in Global Search’

But a search on ‘\(’ responds with a list of topics with a ‘(’ in their subject line.