Search for Attribute Values and Abbreviations

Dear All,

I have created an item template with a fairly complex tree of variants, plus related abbreviations.
I noted that the system can perform an incremental search of Attribute Values (as long as I start with the right string), while substring searches are not supported.
Likewise, it does not seem to be able to identify Attribute Value Abbreviations I enter instead of the Attribute Value - a very handy feature, if I know the respective code (i.e. Abbreviation) by heart already.
I had a look at and tried to follow the instructions, but none of the Attribute Value-related documents seem to permit searches.
Any thoughts or ideas?
Thanks a lot, indeed!


@chlarsen Search fields are not honoured for the item query

Yes, I realised it, because there is no way to add search items. Would it make sense to add this feature? I am currently adding item variants by copying/pasting between two browser windows. With the above search enabled, this could be much easier… :smile:
What’s your take?

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