Search for Customer DocType by phone or mobile number field of linked Contact DocType

How can I search Customers by phone or mobile numbers? Currently I can go to contact by enabling global search of phone and mobile number fields in Contact DocType, but there’s no obvious way to traceback to Customer from a Contact DocType.

What I need to do is use the their numbers so I can go the Customer page so I can ultimately view all the Sales Orders/Invoices associated with that particular Customer. However, Contact doesn’t allow a user to easily go to the Customer it is associated with.

Seems this is not available in Frappe core. We also need ti for a retail client who wants to directly search customer by mobile number. Tried many things but none worked.

If anyone has found solution then would be helpful to know how it was achieved.

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Have we resolved this?

We may add that field to Global Search settings.
Just customize that form and add that field to Search Fields.

We don’t use Contact DocType. Simply make the fields and make them searchable.

How does this help you in retail PoS? The phone numbers keyed in at PoS are not even getting saved