Search in Documentation

I am pretty convinced I have used a Search field in the manual before, but I can not find any such any longer. Am I delusional or has this disappeared?

If it has disappeared, it definitely needs to come back.

Also it seems the in-App Search bar (I think it’s officially named awesome bar) does not find any articles of the documentation any longer. Can anyone advise what happened here? This also is much needed I guess.

I have never seen a search function in the documentation, and I think it is really needed. Same thing with a pdf version you can read offline

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thx @snv. It’s weird though. I am positive the link to the Search was not there on the manual’s start page when I was looking today. Now it is.

Remains the question about the awesome bar

Great! How did you find it? I just got in the Docs page and couldn’t find the link

This is only to know how I missed it…

same experience earlier today here. The link/button Search didn’t show.
But now. it’s actually there

Well, there it is…not the most common place to be, but now I know where to find it.


Not working for me! I am on Cloud version 11.1.5 Master. Following your links here I go to for the manual but when I click on my “help” I go to and there is no search bar. That is not the right one I assume.

Also there used to be a search bar at the top of the box when you clicked on “Help” where you put in a term and got a list of options and not just for the users manual but also the forum. It was helpful. Now the best way is to just google it.

This article describes how I used “Help” until a few days ago when it disappeared. Note the search bar that appeared when “Help” was clicked.

and the “Search” funtion in the user manual is gone again