Search not ideal for end users


The search box at the top looks like it should be super powerful - like a google “omnibar”.

However, as far as I can see, it’s super limited.

If I’m on (say) the notes page, and I put some text into it, it does not search all the notes. Instead it sets the filter to %foo%. Not very useful - if I knew what the ID of the item was, I wouldn’t need to search really. Instead the user has to manually fiddle with the filters, know what the correct column is to search on, and know how the % globbing works. Most end users will NOT know all that, and find it quite frustrating. Perhaps each DocType should have a default search column?

Second, if I’m not on a specific page, but on the dashboard, and I enter “XYZ”, where XYZ is perhaps the name of a customer, I’d expect to see everything mentioning XYZ, across all doctypes.

Have I misunderstood something here? If not, I’m afraid the search is quite crippled.


Yeah search in id was lame, fixed - will now search in title (customer, supplier etc)

the search bar is mostly great for navigation.

The Search Bar does also works different:

1.) When I am on /desk and put in

ibm in purchase

the Search Bar shows “find ibm in Purchase Invoice

If I select that, I am going to ACCOUNTS > PURCHASE INVOICE page

and the filter is set to: ID like "%ibm%"

That won’t find anything

2.) When I am already on /desk#List/Purchase%20Invoice and entering

ibm in purchase

the Search Bar again shows “find ibm in Purchase Invoice

But now if I select that, the filter is set to: Title like "%ibm%"


Next is the question, what is the usage of the form fields at “Search field”?


What needs to be entered (and where) into Search Bar?

Thanks for some feedback and all your work!


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We have a different workflow and it’s useful for us to search the items by item_code, because we want to check the details of the product.
I’ve customized Item form by adding item_code into the list of Search Fields, but it’s still impossible to find items by the symbols of the item_code: drop-down list is empty, while by pressing Enter the filter is being applied as “Item Name like %…%”

What would be a workaround for our case?

Basically, the issue is the same, as @TomFreudenberg’s last question in previous post.


When search is made from awesome bar, it is applied on Item Code only. When you select ID in a filter, for Item master, it means Item Code.

Thank you for help, @umair.
Yes, I’m aware that item_code is ID. The thing is that in our instance the awesome bar search is applied to item_name instead of item_code. How can I change this behavior?
Also it’s still unclear how can one use “Search Fields” form.

Can you please share GIF which will demo this behavior? Best of my knowledge, search field from Awesome Bar is always on Primary Key/ID of a document type, and not configurable.

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When you make search on the list itself, then it is applied on the Title field. Screenshot indicates that your Title field is broken.

Titles will be effective for the new Items. If there are not many items, can you please save existing Items once and check if value in Title is updated correctly.

I’ve dropped all the changes in Item form to defaults. Now the search is being applied to Item Name field:

Hi, were you able to figure this out ?