Search Purchase/Sales Orders by ID


I am trying to search PO/SO by ID but it oesn’t seem to work. I tried to add ID in search fields but it says that ‘Search Fields should contain valid fieldnames’.

Also when I try to search “PO” and press enter, the filter added is ‘Supplier name like PO’.
Why is it supplier name the defaut search? Can I change this somewhere?

Thanks for your help

Should work. Can you give an example?

I start type the PO ID in the search field

and nothing comes up because the default filter is “Supplier name” and POA is the PO ID.

When I add ID in the search fields (customize form), i get this:

I am not sure I get how this works. It looks like only the supplier name is searchable.


I can replicate this issue in my test account as well. Can you please create Github Issue for this?

Default search is by title field (that is the design right now)

Ok then I guess I have to change this in Doctype? But “ID” or “name” doesn’t work. In our company the reference number for a PO is the auto-generated number because we have multiple POs per supplier.

You can use “Add Filter” and then search by ID

Yes thank you. I’ll go with this for now hoping that this could be changed in a next version.