Searching features in Manufacturing

Being new to ERPnext I’am looking for some key functionality that will enable me to suggest this great tool to one of my customers.
Is there a way to calculate in the BOM with length - width - height parameters? The idea is to specify the dimensions and calculate the costs (of wood in this case) based on a price per cubic meter and a scrap percentage. There is no need to create purchase orders for wood in the MRP (production planning tool).
Is there a way to create a list of operations from the production orders? It seems that production orders are created and there is nothing between start (transfer of raw materials) and end when finished products are added to the inventory. I would like to see a list of operations with start- and end dates based on throughput times per operations calculated back from the end date of the production order. One step further would be the ability to start/stop and finish a single operation.

I understand a lot can be achieved using custom scripts but standard is preferred.

I’ve read on GitHub about a capacity planning module. I cannot find it in the demo environment. Is it a new development?


Sorry for the delay in response.

Version 5 of ERPNext which is currently in development will have Capacity Planning feature. It will update operations table in the Production Order, and allow you to create Time Logs based on actual start and end time. Check following link for the demo account of ERPNext version 5.

Please note that this version is still under development, hence you might find some inconsistencies while operating.