Searching for a particular fix / patch

Good day all

Recently I made a post about the Youtube stats not udating

On that server I am running 13.45.2

About a month ago I installed a 13.48.1 for someone else and since my posting, I saw that it
seems that the YouTube stats does indeed update on this server.

So I am trying to find out if some fixes / patched has been applied to this code. I did a
compare between the .py , .js , .json files of the two servers. All the same.

On the issues-space on github I searched for any closed issues related to “video” and “youtube”
and the only one I could find was an issue related to the playing of a video.

I also went through the release notes for all the versions in between the 2 versions. Nothing.

My question
Is there another / beter way to search for possible fixes / patches that was applied ?

So the first question that pops to mind is : why don’t I just update? I am just going through
a period where I cannot have my servers down, even for a day and based on my last
update that went wrong ( openSSL issue ) I am just a bit careful to “quickly” do an update.