Searching for an invoice(paid or otherwise) mby dollar amount only

How can I look for an invoice by dollar amount?

There are times I find a deposit in my account, but am not sure of where it came from.

Sometimes, a client is paying 1 invoice, and I can then maybe look up the invoice by the dollar amount.

Is this possible?



I do not use the accounting part for customer payments myself, but I use ERPNext extensively otherwise.

However, it should still act like all other reports in the system.

If you call up a report, and go to the top of the columns you are interested in, then click on the column name, the report will be resorted in the ascending or descending order of that column.

This is something similar to the way MS Windows works for file listings.

Once your report is sorted by the order of your column of interest, you can easily scroll down to the value you are interested in to see the rest of the record on that line.

If you are doing a report of invoice payment, then click on the column header of the payment column and it should then resort the report by that column to make everything easier to find.

I use this feature in almost every ERPNext report.

Hope this helps,


Checkout filters? If the value is supposed to be on the invoice somewhere you can filter by it :smile:

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Where do I find these filters?

There are on top-left section of all list views.

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 1.35.52 PM.png