Second bench start not working

i have two bench, i can start 2nd bench. But i can’t start 1st one, it stop auto.
before installing 2nd bench, it work 1st bench, but after install second bench, 1st bench is not working.

Hello kinzang,

You have to try using “Multi Tenant Setup” concept. Please refer below link.


thanks@Solufy in my case, i have two bench installed. below is two bench:

  1. erp
  2. frappe-bench.

i can’t start erp bench after installing frappe-bench. before installing frappe-bench, i can start erp bench. now only i can start frappe-bench.

It says no module named erpnext in the screenshot you posted.
Goto erp bench folder and execute ./env/bin/pip install apps/erpnext

thanks codingCoffee.
now it resolved