Section Break print feature is not working properly

When creating or editing current Print Formats there is a ‘Show Section Headings’ feature

This feature only prints the first word of the Headings. Not the entire heading.

Cannot replicate the issue. Can you provide steps to reproduce this. Screenshots would be great.

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Ok so basically…this is the print format settings…

And this is how the document looks before I export it to Print or PDF

And then after clicking Print…(it’s worse now) I don’t even see the headings anymore (where its marked with red lines)

Is it maybe my custom Print Format?

Hello! Does the problem persist when you export it to PDF?

Yes it does

Working fine for PDF as well in my test account.

Your earlier print format suggest that field “Show Line Breaks after Sections” field was not checked. I tried both with and without, and values are rendered as expected in the HTML as well as in the PDF. If issue still persist, please share more information.

Try creating a custom doctype, as i have, and apply a custom print format, as I have, and see if you still get a perfect render.

Works fine for the Custom Doctype and Custom Print Format as well.

I am on Develop branch running:

ERPNext: v7.2.18
Forensics: v0.0.1
Frappe Framework: v7.2.14

I created my own custom app…Forensics

I guess I have gremlins.