Secure Connection Failed for My First Site

I’m using Ubuntu 16 in VM. When I created a site with app like this video

I tried to login to the site I created which is

but this is what happend

same problem happened in Chrome

I understood the problem is with the [HTTPS] and I must log into the website by [HTTP] but it could not happened with my search in google

any suggestions?

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The problem might be due to your domain name. Since Chrome & Firefox now forces .dev domains to HTTPS via preloaded HSTS

Consider creating a new site without .dev at the end of site name and then make sure to update your hosts file accordingly.

Hope that helps



it’s works! thank you Suraj very much

hi all
I am also getting the error even after using the reolution provided by @surajshetty.
After some research I have found, I used “https” where I had only an “http”. Hope this lesson learned the hard way will help someone else.

Thanks, it works!
I went through a thousand posts, installed SSL and had no success. Never would have imagined it was such a simple solution.

Btw, removing the .dev only helped in firefox, not in chrome.

Best regardss!