See Item location from stock entry form


Advice required… I’m trying to book a stores item onto a project, where I know the description of what I want to consume, but not the location. In reality the process is that an engineer will book a part out of stores on the system, and use this transaction to discover where to go physically to get it.

I open the project, do a stock entry/material issue, and when it comes to filling in the row for each item needed on the project, I’m entering the item name, and the relevant part is picked up OK. But it doesn’t then auto complete the location field.

Where I’m at is that I need to go into the item list and query every single item I need to allocate the project, write down the location, then do the stock entry and fill in. I would have thought i would be able to find this info in the form itself…?

Can anyone help with this?

You can create a custom script for it and made some other small customizations…