See PEP 668 for the detailed specification error

Good day.

am trying to install Erpnext in my ubuntu 23.10 desktop. everythin runs well till when I reach here, sudo pip3 install frappe-bench

am getting the error below.

*> *
> ~$ sudo pip3 install frappe-bench
> error: externally-managed-environment
*> *
> × This environment is externally managed
> ╰─> To install Python packages system-wide, try apt install
> python3-xyz, where xyz is the package you are trying to
> install.
*> *
> If you wish to install a non-Debian-packaged Python package,
> create a virtual environment using python3 -m venv path/to/venv.
> Then use path/to/venv/bin/python and path/to/venv/bin/pip. Make
> sure you have python3-full installed.
*> *
> If you wish to install a non-Debian packaged Python application,
> it may be easiest to use pipx install xyz, which will manage a
> virtual environment for you. Make sure you have pipx installed.
*> *
> See /usr/share/doc/python3.11/README.venv for more information.
*> *
> note: If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your Python installation or OS distribution provider. You can override this, at the risk of breaking your Python installation or OS, by passing --break-system-packages.
> hint: See PEP 668 for the detailed specification.

Kindly help I really need erpnext in my system.

Thank you for your assistance.

@jycob , try with below command it will install Python3.11

sudo pip3 install frappe-bench --break-system-packages

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thank you very much it worked. hopeing it will not crack my other apps using python as per the warning…

Thank you