Seeking Advice on Accounting Functionality

We are excited about subscribing to ERPNext, but our accountant is requesting more input from other accountants/financial pros that are using the accounting functions. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Here are her questions and concerns:

“Having gone through several software conversions in my field, I have some concerns over the product, the newness of the company, and what looks to be oversimplified processes. I would love any insight you could provide concerning the ERP Next product, how the conversion process went for you, what you were utilizing before or what you have used in the past as a point of reference. As a CPA and overseer of all things financial, having a system with the utmost in integrity is key. How do your financial people, and folks responsible for job costing and inventory control like the product? Did ERP Next management provide adequate support for the conversion? Is there adequate training and ongoing support? The reports look very basic, can they be modified without losing integrity of the figures? (ie throwing out to excel where numbers can be manipulated) Do you find the ERP system has enough gusto to provide sufficient data for purchasing? Manufacturing? The lingo used by ERP Next looks foreign to me, not common US GAAP, has this been a problem? Does it have all of the standard features of solid financial sub ledgers like aged Accounts receivable, Aged payables, Perpetual inventory reports? Does the manufacturing module have bar code capabilities?”

Thanks again for your time,