Seeking Assistance with Integrating Google Maps Functionality into Frappe Script Reports

I’ve encountered a challenge where I need to display various markers on a map with different filters applied. I attempted to achieve this within Frappe’s script reports, but I’m currently facing limitations and haven’t found adequate support. Is there anyone who can provide guidance or solutions to integrate Google Maps functionality effectively into Frappe’s script reports? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Have you seen this?

Can you say briefly what you have tried…and what limitations you faced? Maybe a screenshot or balsamic wireframe of what you want.
This looks like a good use case

Just an update i have done it using single doctype where i have added an html field and in that field o have written gogle init function and it kinda worked but now i am stuck at this one like how do i make my map look like this what database structure is required for this ??

Looks like this could be a map of trips… so you probably need a Trip doctype with Start, End location fields… then in your single doctype create markers for all trip start, end locations…to start with

how you achieve this , can you share code and steps