Seeking Developer(s) to Customize ERPNext

Hello! The company I work for is in the process of implementing ERPNext and we’ve identified a few customizations that need to be made to ensure the platform works for our unique business model. We’re based in the US (East Coast) and would ideally like to work with someone/a team whose work day overlaps with ours time-zone wise by at least 2 hours.

Hi Shelby,

I just sent you a PM. I am located in Long Island, NY.
Feel free to give me a ring and hopefully I can be of some assistance.


Thanks! Just sent you an email.

Hi there, are you still available to do some ERP Next developer work? We are seeking help closer to our time zone (PST).
PM your email if you are still able!

Hi! Not OP, but I may be able to help. What kind of customizations do you need help on?

Hi Snapshop.

I am still available. I just sent you a PM.
Give me a ring or email.

I would be happy to discuss the project with you and get things started.

Hi there, can you send me a PM with your email?