Segregate Users into Different Departments in one Company

Hi Everyone,

I would like to segregate the users based the department they work in. The idea is when they create Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Delivery Note Etc. The users only see what is relevant to their department and upper management can see all documents.

What is the best way to approach this?



I believe this can be done using the Roles properties. Users are assigned Roles and their access to each module (and ability to create/view/edit doctypes) depends on their roles.

Thanks for the info

I have implemented that but there are too many documents (DN, PO, SO, SINV, PINV, etc) created by all the departments, and its hard for a single department to track their respective documents.

In roles and user permission, I saw an option to split users by the company they work by restricting the user to a company profile.

Is there a way to do so with Departments.