Select Batch Number in require item table in WorK Order Form


To exchange correctly with my Production Team I have to give him the batch number to use for each required item that has a Batch Number on Work Station Form.

To do that I edit the Form Work Station Item and I add the field named Batch No and the type is Link with options Batch.
It works I have a new column on the “Require item” table and I see all Batch Number generated from the beginning.

But I see all Batch number from all Items in my ErpNext and lot of are Out of Stock.

  1. First step: How can I see only the Batches Numbers of the current required item (item_code of the table line)?

(As you can see on the screenshot, I have Batch no from all my items, not the only batches numbers of SIX00001)

  1. Second Step (when the first is done): How can show the current quantity in stock for each batch (and ordered the list by quantity)?

The same as when I make a new Stock Entry Manufacture, in the item detail I can select only a batch number of the item code and the script shows the current qty too :

Do I need a custom script? Where can I found the current script used in Stock Entry Manufacture for item detail ?

Thank you in advance

Nobody can help me ?

Thank you in advance