SELECT Field: Set value, label in options, not via script

Hi all,

is it possible to set the options of a select field to have value, and label via the “options” of the DocType definition?

I know that I may set a list of dicts with label and value values via a client script. I would, however, like to set these options in the DocType definition directly.

If I copy the list/dict string into the options field, it does not work.


In Options you should not pass list. You should write each option in new line.


Option in List:


In Option Field:


Hi Abdeali,

Thank you for your suggestion. I already know how to fill the select options in the doctype definition with values.

What I am trying to achieve is to set the select options with a list of dicts in the form of:

[{“label”: “Label 1”, “value”, “1”}, {“label”: “Label 2”, “value”, “2”}, …]

directly in the doctype definition. Currently I am doing this via a client script on load of the doctype…

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You can create a doctype called YOUR DOCTYPE NAME

  1. Name
  2. Dictionary (Code)

Now in your doctype use a link field and use fetch from

now you can use long dictionary as well