Select fields viewable in website portal?

Interested in using the website portal function to be able to give employees in the field web accessible info on projects via “Project” doctype. Aside from Web Forms which are used for input, I can’t figure out how to customize what fields are available.

Natively, the project portal page shows nothing on my installation. I’ve been searching the doctype settings, website settings, and portal settings, but am perplexed as to how the portal permissions are managed. I hope it’s something really simple, and customizable.


You will have add Users within Project to whom you want to give access.

Thanks for replying!

I noticed that on my current setup, as a full system user, navigating to /project displays “nothing to show”. Seems strange, as I have been the creator of most.

I’m wondering if there is a way to grant read rights for certain docs/fields to the website portal?

Case: Employee visits project url on mobile phone to view project address, without logging in.

@superlack project view permissions are explicitly defined based on the Project User table as of now.

I have added a custom field (Customer ID) in the Contacts Module. I want this field to be visible in the website portal to the customer (under My Accounts-> under Name). How to achieve it.
I can’t find any relevant information on doing this. Any help is appreciated.