Select many options from drop down

how to select various options from drop down it is in link field
for eg:
in options am having
i want to select 1 and 2 how to do that ?

Currently not possible in erpnext. You can go with alternative field type (like checkbox) or can use external cdn libraries (like select2)

can you explain it with example

If going for checkbox type, use checkbox for each options u have like 1,2,3,4 all with checkbox type.

If going for multiselect (external library), you can see this & External Javascript libraries importing

explain your concern in brief.
like where you want to make this and why?

@surajkumar am having n number of rack so am using R1…R100 in drop down
in this i want to choose R50 and R60 how can i select these two any idea ?

link can hold only one value.
make the table and then select multiple

@surajkumari dont want filter i just want to select the drop down list as 2,5 if the drop down from 1 to 10
i just want to select any of the numbers from drop down so any idea in this?

@surajkumaram this inside child table there is no way of using another chiltable so any idea abt this issue?

Seems Like you have solved the multiselect options for drop down in erpnext. Can you please ehlp me.