Select permission in Role Permission Manager and Connections in doctype


I am facing some problems in setting role permissions for my custom application. I will share with you my use case, role permissions that i have set and the error i am facing. I hope someone can tell me how this can be achieved or solved using the role permission manager. Because i thought about applying this manually in my custom app but it would be better it i used the built in permission manager.

Also, the connections section in each doctype, which is set by the links section in the doctype creation, only appears to the administrator while all the other roles as well as the system manager cant see this part.

I have Frappe 13.6 and ERPNext 13.6.1

I created a custom app with three Doctypes:

  1. Social Feed Post
  2. Social Feed Comment
  3. Social Feed Like

The Social Feed Comment doctype has a link field to the Social Feed Post doctype.
The Social Feed Like doctype has a dynamic link field to both the Social Feed Post and Comment doctypes. Since, i want users to be able to like both posts and comments.
I created a new role “Community User” and gave it the following permissions to the above three doctypes:

My use case:

  1. Community User can post, comment and like.
  2. Community User can edit and delete ONLY his own posts, comments and likes.
  3. Community User can view others posts, comments and likes.
    4. Community User can comment on others posts.
    5. Community User can like others posts and comments

Using the current set permissions i shared above, everything is working as expected but the only problem is that when a Community User tries to create Social Feed Comment document and selects a Social Feed Post document that he didnt create (not owner) in the link field, the below permission error is thrown. Also, this applies when the Community User is creating a Social Feed Like document. However, when a Community User create a comment or like by selecting posts or comments he created (owner) everything works fine.

The following error is thrown when a Community User tries to create a comment linked with a post he didnt create:

Insufficient Permission for Social Feed Post

So, how can i make the Community user be able to select posts or comments he didnt create in the link field? Since everything is working perfectly, in which he can only view others posts without editing them and he can only edit or delete his own. only the part where he cant create a comment or a like linked to another post or comment he is not the owner of it.

I hope this can be achieved using the role permission manager, but if it is not possible for now, can someone tell me so i can make that use case manually in the custom app before inserting the document.

Also: i checked this link and i thought it should work out of the box but i am not sure if it is related:


as mentioned above, the connections part is working great for the administrator which shows the linked comments and likes for each post with their numbers. however, when a system manager or a community user goes to the same post or any other post he created or not, they dont see that connections part. How can i make it appear for them

thanks in advance

any ideas?

I solved the part concerning the “Connections” section not appearing to other user and only to the administrator by changing the permissions of the Community User role and allowed the “dashboard” permission.

However, i couldnt solve the rest. I think i may do it manually for now until someone can tell me how to do it using the role permission manager.

I solved it. I had another function that access other documents which raised these errors