Select time for task

When I add a task in projects then click on the calendar in task it has automatically put the time in for them to happen at 12am. When creating a task it allows me to enter how long it will be for but how do I enter in the time it starts?

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The same occurs with sales orders on calendar, it would be good to have time for tasks and sales orders.

I agree - would need that as well as we need to “micromanage” our employees days

@Softwareprofs Seems valid request, can you please raise a feature request for the same at

I am having issues registering with GitHub maybe someone else on this thread would like to raise the request

on it…

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hope I got it right to the requirements

@spa thanks for doing that. It was the time that it doesn’t allow us to change not the date

yes but since aou only have a date field it would be easier to convert it to datetime rather then adding a timefield!?
am I wrong?

Sorry I misread it. That’s great thank you

no worries - we better double check now then later :wink:

actually I gave it a thought… it would also be usefull to handle the time like in timesheets so no matter whether you enter start or endtime plus duration or start and enddate to get the duration it should be calculated… by that you could also determin workforce to meet deadline.

You know what I mean?

Has this been developed yet?

Very disappointing to see this request has stagnated given that it seems like such basic functionality. I’ve been using Odoo for many years and am checking out ERPNext after being frustrated by many instances of missing basic functionality in Odoo and patchy development attempts to address it. It would be good to have some communication on what happened to this valid request