Select with name and store id


I am new to ERPNext, I need help on displaying select field.

I have DocType called Design_Master which has the Design_Name and Design_No (Unique Key). Referring this master DocType in Item DocType form using link field , which displays both Design_No and Design_name (defined as search fields), on selection it stores Desing_No , this is fine.

But I need to display only Design_Name in the select box , but while storing I need to store Design_No in the database, just like traditional web site having country field as drop down , which shows country_name in the drop down, but stores country_id in db.

Please some one help on this. Thanks in advance.


If it is a link field, then it will save Primary Key in that field only. If Design_No. is the primary key for the Design Master doctype, and this is a link field, then on selecting value, Design No. only will be saved in the field.

Thanks. Is this possible to achieve the same functionality without link field?


  1. Please refer this link for create drop down of your own way.