Selecting address for Lead from Quotation shows error

If I try making a New Quotation for a Lead, I’m unable to select a Shipping Address for the Lead manually, with the error “Please enter Customer/Supplier first”.

Tried the same on, and the problem persists.

Exact steps for recreation:

  1. Create a lead without an address.
  2. Create a Quotation for the lead.
  3. Under Address> Create new address for lead.
  4. Go back to quotation, and try selecting the Address you just created.

I couldn’t find the error through “grep” on the local installation. Any help on how to bypass this error?

Much appreciated.!


Thanks for reporting this issue. I was able to replicate it in my test account as well. We will update you when this issue is resolved.

For now, re-select Lead in the Quotation after adding Address in the Lead. On re-selecting Lead, address will be fetched automatically in the Quotation.

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