Selecting best price for an item from multiple quotations

When i wish to create a purchase order, according to erpnext, i first select a supplier and then his/her quotation.

Lets say i am in manufacturing and i wish to create a purchase order and i have recieved multiple quotations from various suppliers for same item.

is there a mechanism that will tell me the lowest quote recieved for a given item?

i know erpnext will tell me the last rate of purchase for a given item when creating a purchase order, but that necessarily wont be lowest.

Hi ridua,

By Report Builder Feature of ERPNext You Can Compare Rate

Thanks @Jitendra_Khatri1

The issue with this solution is, you have to view the report several times for the rates and generate a PO against each.

If you are trying to generate a PO from the output of production planning tool, it would become very cumbersome as we would have to keep switching from production tool to report to PO right?

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Hi ridua,

By this report you can get best price, from Production Planning Tool you can generate Material Request their is no link b/w Material Request and Supplier Quotation
i understand your issue, do you have any design for this.


not sure but if we could make a purchase order from items

For eg:
In production plan tool, there would be a table that would show the required qty of item (the 1 we get in excel sheet)
With each item, there would be a link to generate purchase order.
on click, purchase order form would open which would allow only 1 item and give all available quotes for this specific item

once selected a rate, supplier would automatically be updated in supplier text box and then all that is left is to submit the order.

What do you think?

A new feature has just been added in the past few days for exactly this purpose. To use in your example. You would use the tool to go through each item in the quotation, then set the default supplier based on the best price for each of them. Once you’ve done that, you can create production orders by pulling in the material requests based on supplier.