Selecting service items causes an error in Purchase invoice and Quotations

I been trying out ERPNext: v10.1.76 (master) Frappe Framework: v10.1.68 (master) for my company. Upto now everything was working fine, however since last week I am unable to create a recurring service item (maintain stock unchecked) and select it in purchase invoice or even in a new quotation.

When I select and items and provide a qty and rate and try to save it, I get an this error as below

However if I dont enter a Item code, I can save.

If I try to select the item for a new quotation I get a similar error

Can anybody please help me identify and resolve this problem.


I just realised that you can also save the PINV with the item code and qty but without a rate.


Just to update the progress. I managed to figure out the simple reason. :unamused:

Some how the naming series had changed for Item Price (to an existing range). This prevented the new items from saving item prices in the price list. I.e. Purchase Invoice. Also the quotation DocType was not able to see the items in the Price list.

So hope this saves somebody some time. :slight_smile: