Self Host Documentation

Is it possible to self host and run it on the intranet?

Yes, you can run it on your server internally. Or like we do on the cloud, but only give access to employees and staff that need it. You can setup server rules like firewalls etc to only allow access from your IP at the office for example, but then you run into the issue of your IP changing and being locked out.

Is it static html or CMS of sorts? Where do I copy / git?

Its similar to a CMS if that helps it make sense.

Spin up a fresh server (debian 7 or ubuntu for example) then install bench with these instructions. It’s more or less completely automatic

Just follow the for production instructions for linux if thats what you are using.

Thanks, I already have the bench and erpnext working fine, I am only interested in the documentation, or are you saying the documentation for erpnext is also available on my installation?

oh my mistake.

Its hosted here

so you should have that on your server from the installation. Though i am not sure how you’d access that in your browser

Hello @zealmurapa did you make any progress on this?