Self-host Frappe configure outbound only email

Is it possible to configure an Outbound only SMTP server for the Frappe framework? I’m currently unable to add my own domain without verifying an email account. I’d like to use AWS Simple Email Service as my SMTP server but it does not provide an inbound email address/account (and I don’t need one–replies could be routed to a real email address that I don’t want synced with frappe).

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I had experimented with this about 3 yrs ago with a open source package called Mail-in-a-Box. It is a self hosted email server that you can configure to do just about anything.

The server setup and configuration is fairly easy for a novice (and I was certainly a novice) with the online instructions and pretty active user forum.

It is certainly worth a try to at least experiment with the package. You can learn more about it HERE.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I already have email service on this domain–I do not want to create an inbound email address or tie an existing account to my Frappe installation. I’d only like my frappe sites to be able to send email through an SMTP server (with authentication).


Any email account can be just incoming, just outgoing, or both. In fact, incoming and outgoing both have to be activated separately for each account. What you’re looking for is definitely possible. Can you describe where in the setup process you’re getting stuck?

All you need then is to setup a SMTP server that takes your emails and sends them out. That is fairly simple and straightforward. However, some mail services might not accept mails from a standalone, low-volume mail server (there are too many spammers). So sending to Gmail, Outlook or similar big services can be challenging, but it can also work.

If you use that to only send notifications to your own domain, which you can whitelist the server, then it’s easy.

Hi matthkarl,

I have a valid AWS Simple Email service configured that can be used as a trusted SMTP server for my domain. The issue is that when I’m trying to configure the email domain, the settings page requires an email address and imap server, and tries to validate the account. I don’t want to configure an inbound email account.

I only want to configure settings for the outbound SMTP Server. I should add that I also need to specify authentication details for the SMTP server too.

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Why don’t you just use a dummy email account to be able to setup and save the form? Make the incoming account bounce back any mail sent, or ignore it.

It looks like you’re trying to set up an Email Domain. The settings you want are defined under Email Accounts.