Sell Loose pack item / Half of the unit of measure

Hi, I am going to implement erpnext for pharmacies and I have the specific request. I tried to search in the forum but could not find.

We are buying medicines from suppliers and selling through multiple pharmacies and sometimes we are selling box and sometimes we need to sell 1 strip of medicine, how i can manage the selling of 1 stip form the box of medicine?

Example: the customer is willing to buy 1 stip of Panadol tablets but we have a box of panadol in which we have 3 strips. we want to use POS to sell medicines.

any help will be appreciated, i can do the customization if you guys can suggest me some solution

These articles may help you

hi, @raghu9 i have gone through this but it is different then what i am looking for.

sometimes customer want to buy a full box and sometimes they want to buy half of the box and sometimes 25% of the box