Selling all inclusive (GST & Delivery Charge)

I am (GST Registered) selling to a Customer (non Registered) an Item at 1700 rupee. Please advice me the below data is correct of not

I created 2 set of CGST and SGST (2.5% x 2 for 5% and 6% x 2 for 12%) and IGST of 5% and 12%.

In this case I am selling intra-state (SGST and IGST 6%).

The cost for the customer is 1700 including GST and Delivery charge (207.68 rupee). This 207.68 (including GST) is my exact delivery cost from delivery company invoice/quote.

What I am doing currently is I add the item at 1700 rupee
I select IGST and SGST 6% (YES: Is this Tax included in Basic Rate?)
I add 207.68 value as Freight and Forwarding Charges (Actual).

I choose Reverse Charges as No.

below is the GST Sales Register

below is my GST Settings

Please check my Discount setting is correct. Since I want to include the Freight Charge on the item total I am entering same amount of Freight charge I got from delivery company

If I choose “Apply Additional Discount On” Grand Total then the the showing CGST 91.07 and IGST 91.07

But when I change to Net Total then is shows like above picture (79.95 CGST and 79.95 SGST)

Which discount I choose?