Selling and billing projects order

How does erpnext support project sales like electrical, construction contract. can I make sales invoice for project order without itemised billing. Currently projects module can only track sales, purchase activity against a project but cannot bill that in invoice. I tired making BOM of project order but it would require production and stocking which is incorrect way for this. Also every project would be different in terms of item requirement. Has anyone worked on something similar

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In my opinion, you should make a BOM for such contracts too. This way you can maintain a history of all projects and will also help you standardize.

Yea facing the same issue with ERP. Tasks are too small for a job, projects seem to big. Manufacturing too rigid. It’s too bad because small construction/service firms could use ERP. What is needed is a form for take-offs/measurement that can go thru preset business logic/rules to create BOM and tasks. Then be able to charge time against those and apply costs to it. PO would be useful for maybe 75% of the supplies but would have to easily allow for adhoc purchase of supplies.

How about copy? Open the BOM and Menu > Duplicate in version 5