Selling Apps built on frappe and Erpnext!


Few months ago I’ve came through ERPNext and Frappe framework. Since then, I’ve been playing with it making few apps in the aim of understanding it.

Few days later, I realized how powerful this framework is, and how much efforts have been invested in this project by the great team and community to make it to what it is today.

So thank you to everyone person has contributed in this great product. And for sure me personally will do my best to contribute in the coming days.

I’m still wondering about one thing and I want to have a clear answer from you so I don’t do anything that disrespect this community, I would like to build an app on frappe framework and do some customizations to erpnext and sell it to local beneficiaries, how may I achieve that within the community rules?

looking forward hearing from you

Hi there,

Frappe is distributed under the MIT license. ERPNext is distributed under the GPL-3.0. Before you embark on any major business endeavors, you should understand both of these licenses very well.

Broadly speaking, both licenses allow you to sell derived software. The GPL, however, requires you to also release your software under the GPL. This doesn’t prevent you from selling it, but it does guarantee a number of rights to the people who buy it. Among those rights is the right to resell and redistribute your software as they see fit.

In other words, if your business model requires a copyright monopoly over your code, you are allowed to do that with software derived from Frappe but not with software derived from ERPNext.

(All the usual caveats. I am definitely not a lawyer.)


Clear enough, thank you!