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I’m wondering if it’s possible to add a button to the customer form that inserts a new field each time it’s pressed?

For example, an email field. Pressing the button would insert a new field for a second email address.

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This could be solved with a child table.
Anyway, in case of customer emails, use Contacts :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!

Email field was probably a bad example.

My objective is to have a field within the customer form, linking to other customers. (I really need to be able to use the ‘links’ button from the menu to see who is linked to who).

An example would be Customer A is the emergency contact for Customer B. I’d like for the user to have visibility of that relationship in some way.

I’ve tried creating a custom Emergency Contact doctype (as child table) with the Customer field as a link, which allowed the use of a table/child table in the Customer form… however the problem with that was the ‘Links’ menu isn’t useful to the user, as the link to a childtable doesn’t work.

Hope that makes sense


I’ve tried too, and Links option in menu seems working for me (v14 develop) with child tables (in one way: secondary customer → main customer). From “main” customer, you can see related ones in the child table.

Other approach you can explore is “Connections” (or Linked Documents"). It works for me (just in one way too …)

Third method could be to create an script, triggered by a button, locating related customers and showing them in a dialog box. It’s doable.

Hope this helps.

Those are very helpful suggestions, thank you :slight_smile: I’ll probably give the client side script a go.

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