Selling Customers item template until they have chosen colours at a later date

Hi there,

Is it possible to create sales order or blanket order for item templates, then select the variants at a later date? Our company sometimes sells the goods to our customers this way, where they reserve a number of goods and select the colours later on to be delivered.

Hi @MakeRich ,

You can not select a template item in Sales Order because there currently erpnext default validation to not choose a template as a item. If you want to make a system like requirement then you have to override that functionality, after override you will be able to select item template and submit sales order and a letter date you can use update item button will be shown at the top of sales order and update the template item to its variants.

Hope this will be helpful for you. Thanks

You might be better off with a placeholder item varient (colourless variant) and selecting them for the orders. Do not submit the orders, instead keep it at draft until the final colour confirmation. Then change the placeholder variant to the actual coloured variant.

You could even have a workflow to differentiate the various orders in draft states (like if the order is awaiting colour selection, or if it is not yet placed etc.)

Unless you want to submit the order instead, then you have to override the default functionality as stated above by @Dhruvin-Bhaliya

If I chose to override the functionality, how would I go about doing so? There are actually a few things I have been wanting to change in ERPNext. Thanks for your suggestion