Selling goods to own company itself

Can anyone suggest, if i wish to sell some goods to my same company, what should we choose in customer ?

Any suggestion will be helpful.

you mean

  1. the exact same company selling goods to itslef, or
  2. a multi-company setup where one of these companies (both are controlled by yourself) sells stuff to the other?

for 1.) I wouldn’t now what’s the purpose of such and whether it is legally possible
for 2.) that’s something I assume being standard case if you deploy a multi-company scenario in an ERP system.

Hello VRMS,

the exact same company selling goods to itslef, as they are into rentals of the same goods, so they first sell goods to themselves at cost price and then give them on rental.

Is there any solution or workaround for the same.

I don’t quite follow the logic why your own company has to buy something from itself in order to rent it out? If you own it already why not just rent it out directly? If you don’t own the thing yet you probably buy it from a supplier and then rent it out.

I understand your point, though company wishes to show in their finances that goods has been sold, and also would like to show the goods deducted from their Stock and are placed at some different place.

Create an Internal Customer account and charge goods to that account.