Send Email Alert when delivery date change

how to send an email alert when delivery date change in sales order item child table I use the below for item code change but I don’t know how to use it for delivery date change

“Item Here” in [d.item_code for d in doc.get(“items”)]

You can do this through notifications. Kindly do the settings as shown below:

However, this technique is applicable only for the main Delivery Date on the SO and not for the child table.

Hope this helps!

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Toy should add this handy howto in the WIKI @michelle.

Thanks for your response
i’m already know change value option but i need it on so item child table because i have different items with different delivery date


Hi @Alaa_Badri

Did you eventually figure this out? Also, could you pls explain in a bit more detail how you setup the alert for item code change?