Send Email Notification to User Group and Email Group

I notice the Email Notification doctype allows to to build recipient list by document field and user role.

Is it possible to use User Groups and Email Groups as sources of recipients?

Bumping this.

If this is not possible, then we need to know because its a candidate for feature proposal.

There must be a reason nobody else is commenting on this.

Does ErpNext provide some other practical way for creating user groups and sending out email notifications to the groups?

It seem surprising that more people aren’t responding. I would think its very common that people need to group users that cross multiple departments or other organization silos. User Groups provides the way to cross the silos naturally – and I would think many people also want to email those groups.

Am I missing something here?

Hoping for some input.

Have you explored Email Group Doctype

It can be used to send Newsletter to an Email Group

I didn’t know about Email Groups. I looked at it. It appears to be just a list of emails. In order for this to be maintainable for users, you would need create an event mechanism that keeps the Email Group in sync with a source User Group if you want to work based on users. This could work, but its not very practical. Being able to source recipient list directly from User Group would be much easier.

this is a valid new feature request.