Send email to multiple contacts

Hello, I wanted to ask if someone had the same need to send a document (sales order, sales invoice, etc.) to all the contacts of a customer/supplier?

I understand that the check mark “It’s the primary contact” is the one you use for emails and that if I want to add it I can do it manually.


Hi, any idea for this?


Hello @federico_calvo,

Can you tell what you are trying to do?

I didn’t get your point in the first post.

Hi Yefri, tanks for response.

when a customer has more than one contact, and you want to send an email to all contacts of the same, you have to place them manually.

I wanted to know if there are any options to put in the contacts, so that each time an email is sent to that customer, use all the contacts you have.



You may wanna override this function in your js to do so:

_f.Frm.prototype.email_doc = function (message) {
	new frappe.views.CommunicationComposer({
		doc: this.doc,
		frm: this,
		subject: __( + ': ' + this.docname,
		recipients: || this.doc.email_id || this.doc.contact_email,
		attach_document_print: true,
		message: message,
		real_name: this.doc.real_name || this.doc.contact_display || this.doc.contact_name
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