Send emails from ERPNext from own account


How to enable all the users to send emails from ERPNext from their own account to everyone?


To allow Users to send emails from your ERPNext account, you should ensure that Roles assigned to those Users also cover Email permission on that Doctype.

For now, ERPNext doesn’t have complete email client feature. Currently, you can setup a global/default Outgoing Email Gateway for your ERPNext account. Though the recipient will be able to see User ID who actually sent that email, but email will be delivered from the default outgoing gateway only.

Hi abhi

"You can manage multiple incoming and outgoing Email Accounts in ERPNext. There has to be atleast one default outgoing account and one default incoming account. If you are on the ERPNext cloud, the default outgoing email is set by us.

Note for self implementers: For outgoing emails, you should setup your own SMTP server or sign up with an SMTP relay service like or that allows a larger number of transactional emails to be sent. Regular email services like GMail will restrict you to a limited number of emails per day.
Default Email Accounts

ERPNext will create templates for a bunch of email accounts by default. Not all of them are enabled. To enable them, you must set your account details.

There are 2 types of email accounts, outgoing and incoming. Outgoing email accounts use an SMTP service to send emails and emails are retrived from your inbox using a POP service. Most email providers such as GMail, Outlook or Yahoo provide these services.

Defining Criteria

Outgoing Email Accounts

All emails sent from the system, either by the user to a contact or notifications or transaction emails, will be sent from an Outgoing Email Account.

To setup an outgoing Email Account, check on Enable Outgoing and set your SMTP server settings, if you are using a popular email service, these will be preset for you.

Outgoing EMail

Incoming Email Accounts

To setup an incoming Email Account, check on Enable Incoming and set your POP3 settings, if you are using a popular email service, these will be preset for you.

Incoming EMail

How ERPNext handles replies

In ERPNext when you send an email to a contact like a customer, the sender will be the user who sent the email. In the Reply-To property, the email id will be of the default incoming account (like ). ERPNext will automatically extract these emails from the incoming account and tag it to the relevant communication

Notification for unreplied messages

If you would like ERPNext to notify you if an email is unreplied for a certain amount of time, then you can set Notify if Unreplied . Here you can set the number of minutes to wait before notifications are sent and whom the notifications must go to."

Copied from ERPNext Help :slight_smile:

Thanks Khalid

We already have a default email account setup. However, we cannot setup outgoing emails to be sent from employees’ own account not from default one. Are there any SMTP settings needs to be considered here?

Hello Abhi,

When a User sends an email, his/her email id is updated as From. ERPNext does email masking, so that recipient knows who is sender is. However, when replying, then default email id in the Email Account will be updated, and response is received on that id.

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Thanks for that. We just want to receive emails from respected employee’s account. For instance, when user is out of office erp system sends email from default account which we don’t want, it should be sent from the same account from which request has been made.

Is it possible on erpnext. Sorry if I’ve missed anything of you said before.

@umair, is there a plan to fix this in coming release? We have a same requirement to enable sales person to send email from their personal account instead of general sales account.


Is this still an issue? Individual e-mail accounts have been implemented.

If anyone encounters an issue similar to this:

I just have. The problem appeared to be that the email account was created from another user. Each user should be owner of their email accounts, this way they will see it in the “from” field.

There is still the problem however that this introduces one extra needless click.

There should be an option to automatically select one account.

can you tell me where it is implemented? i couldn’t found?

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