Send POS Receipt to customers via Whatsapp

Many of my customers prefer sending receipts to their Whatsapp as a pdf file. We also consider sending via Whatsapp as an opportunity to have further/continuous engagement with the customer by bringing our services to their doorstep.

Instead of saving the receipt as a pdf file from print before manually copying and sending the file, we are looking into adding a new button to the (Print, Email, Return) group. I will create a new customer custom field and call that whatsapp_number. This field, by default, will be equal to the customer’s phone number unless they are different.
On clicking the “Send Whatsapp” button, it will send the print version as a pdf file to the customer via Facebook’s Whatsapp Business API.

Is it possible to add a custom button and script to the POS section? I will appreciate any idea on how to go about it.

Trigger a web-hook/custom function on pos invoice submit to send the receipt if WhatsApp number exists.

That will be easy to implement if every customer uses Whatsapp or prefers to receive POS receipt via Whatsapp per each order.
Creating a Send Whatsapp button will make it better and easy.

Your custom script may ask user via frappe.dialog method, whether customer also needs a wa message or not.

Thanks @mujeerhashmi and @TurkerTunali I will work on it. I didn’t know much about frappe. I think it will be effective this way. I ll give feedback here when I’m done or face any issues.

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