Sending email with code

  1. Is there any way to use frappe.sendmail without it automatically assign reply-to ?
    Because as far as I can find (maybe not extensive enough), these are the parameter for sendmail:
	recipients = '',
	cc = '',
	subject = '',
	content = '',
	reference_doctype = '',
	reference_name = '',
	now = True
  1. What is the difference of sending email between sendmail() and make()?
  2. I see that make() can use email template (GUI) while sendmail() must use html file (coded). Can sendmail also use email template?


Does anyone has any suggestion for this?
Becasue the email account is to send notification, so it should be noreply.
Thank you

I ran into the same problem
I found a solution.
When I look at the definition for frappe.sendmail I see it in frappe/frappe/ as

def sendmail(recipients=[], sender=“”, subject=“No Subject”, message=“No Message”,
as_markdown=False, delayed=True, reference_doctype=None, reference_name=None,
unsubscribe_method=None, unsubscribe_params=None, unsubscribe_message=None,
attachments=None, content=None, doctype=None, name=None, reply_to=None,
cc=[], bcc=[], message_id=None, in_reply_to=None, send_after=None, expose_recipients=None,
send_priority=1, communication=None, retry=1, now=None, read_receipt=None, is_notification=False,
inline_images=None, template=None, args=None, header=None, print_letterhead=False):

You can see there is a reply_to variable.
When I try it it seems to work fine.

Thank you @MarZah,

But the reply_to=None is not really “none”. It just don’t take parameter from the function, but when the email account doctype used has sender, it take it from the doctype.

I am not sure what you mean.
I ran the following
message_html_dict = {“subject”: “some subject”,“message”: “Some message contents”}
And the received email had a reply_to as specified.

I meant if you don’t define the reply_to value, then it takes and display the sender email address.
Yes if you define the reply_to value as you do, it will display the value.

What I want is to not display any reply-to address at all on the recipient email.