Sending emails to ourself


I am trying to send myself a „normal” email out of erpnext. But I am not able.

Four users:

Email for sending and getting erp messages:

if we are sending mails to customers and test ( everything looks good.
Sender is User1 with mail .

BUT if I am (user1) sending email to myself ( or other users from erp (, we are not getting that email.

BTW I need to use an external email for sending REAL email is sender is, because company is using MS Exchange.

Are there any settings to send those Emails to users “real” inboxes?

There’s no reason you can’t send to other domains from ERPNext I do it all the time.

have you checked the Postfix log on the ERPNext server, assuming you are using the self install that is? Also make sure the scheduler is runninga nd the email Queue list within ERPNEXt is ok. You can just search in ERPNEXt itself for the email queue to check whether mails where sent ok or not.

This useful email debug routine for ERPNext was posted a few days ago (not by me ). I’d give this a try

check the mail server logs (e.g. on postfix /var/log/mail.log) if you can find connections. They might be delayed from the actual send time in ERPNext (range ~15 minutes). You could also monitor the connection between ERPNext server and mail server to see if there are interruptions. And lastly, check firewall and fail2ban logs to see if there are temporary blocks (e.g. due to failed logon attempts) which could block the send attempts.